Anonymise with ease, private with certainty

Project goals

Secure exchange and publication of data as open data

Open data is one building block for a knowledge-driven society. It allows improvements in knowledge culture, orientated towards the common welfare. Its benefits lie in a wide spread utilisation in many fields of application of such data. Making it available is currently a major hurdle. One of the aims of EAsyAnon is to overcome this. A three-part software based system is being developed, consisting of an intelligent recommendation system, an audit system that determines the degree to which data can be de-anonymised and a trust service.

Our key innovations


\ Confidential communication channels
\ Confidential storage
\ Confidential switching
\ Confidential by design

Legal certainty

\ Developed with legal certainty
\ Legally secure controlled
\ Legally secure through technology
\ Legally secure through expertise


\ Adaptable across domain boundaries
\ Adaptable for systems
\ Adaptable in infrastructures
\ Adaptable with the latest technologies


Recommendation system

Usability and legal certainty: The recommendation system is intended to support data owners in creating a suitable anonymisation concept for a specific data set. Particular attention is paid to ensuring both legal conformity and maximum data usability. EAsyAnon initially considers use cases with CSV and DICOM data.


Audit system

Man and machine: The two-part audit system checks the degree of anonymity of the data records in a two-stage process. First, potentially de-anonymisable parts of the data records are identified using automated methods. This is followed by an assessment of the de-anonymisability of the respective data by experts from various scientific disciplines as part of a crowd-sourced peer reviewing process.


Trust Service

Confidentiality and data protection: The Trust Service will extend the publication options for datasets that have to be published with a delay for reasons of time limitation or anonymisation barriers. The aim of the research targets data that will be able to be published. The analysis of data takes care of pseudonymisation processes in legal accordance with EU data protection regulations.

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